The setup of the interface to DocuWare is divided in different fasttabs on this page. 

The following information is related to the fasttabs. You can get additional help to the specific fields by clicking on the label in the Web Client.

  • In the fasttab General you can de- / activate the interface, define the number series used, control the display of the DropZone, the search parameters and the way in which attachments are processed. 
  • In the WebClient tab, you specify how and to which DocuWare archive you want to connect. 
  • In the Multi-Tenant tab, you can specify whether multiple companies will be archived. 
  • In the Job Queue tab, you can see the status and current information of the job queue. 
  • In the DW Users tab, you define the user name and password that is used for archiving from the interface. 
  • In the Import tab, you can set up the import and processing of documents from DocuWare. 
  • In the Customer/Vendor Search tab, you define the field in DocuWare that contains the number of the customer or vendor.