The Attachments functionality provides the ability to attach one or more external files to the documents. For this purpose, there is a new FactBox "Attachments" on the masks for sales and purchase order, quote, invoice, credit memo, blanket order, reminder and receipt.


Uploading can happen in two different ways. Therefore, the first question is to upload from the Explorer or DocuWare.

The Explorer option normally opens a Windows Explorer, through which a file can be selected and uploaded.

The "DocuWare" option opens a new mask, which is also used for the "Docugate". All criteria can now be entered in this mask. By confirming with "OK" all documents in DocuWare are searched for and appended to the document accordingly.

The new FactBox offers the possibility to upload and download files to this document, as well as to delete or name these files.

When a file is uploaded to a document, a record is created in a separate table. This table is searched for attachments when the document is archived. All attachments are transferred to the record in DocuWare.

The Download function offers users the opportunity to look at the attachments again and check what files have been attached.

Deleting the attachment also deletes the created entry so that this file is no longer archived with . If the attachment is already archived in DocuWare, it remains there.

The lower button allows an attachment to be simply attached to this document by drag & drop. This visibility of this button is done in the "DW setup".