The following article describes the requirements for installing and configuring the "applabs Cloud Data Uploader".

  1. Server
    A machine (server or client operating system with Microsoft Windows) is required on which the tool can be installed. You are welcome to use the "intermediate server" for the DocuWare Desktop Apps for this purpose - if one already exists. A dedicated machine is not absolutely necessary.
  2. Installed DocuWare Desktop Apps
    The selected machine should already have the DocuWare Desktop Apps installed, as these install the required .NET package for our tool as well. A configuration of the DocuWare Desktop Apps is not required.
  3. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
    The Management Studio for the MSSQL Server should already be installed on the selected machine.
  4. Access and credentials to the NAV/BC SQL Server
    User name + password are required for access to the SQL server and the ERP system databases
  5. Remote access to the selected machine
    Access to the selected machine via TeamViewer (preferred) or VPN is required to set up the tool
  6. Access data to the DocuWare system
    A username + password for the DocuWare Cloud system is required
  7. FTP destination path
    A destination path must be created in the DocuWare Cloud System via FTP. We need the "link" or path as the target for the FTP upload.
  8. MSSQL Views
    The views that are to be transferred to the DocuWare Cloud System must have been created in the Microsoft SQL Server. The user (point 4) needs access to these views.