There is an option to book standardised service packages for the introduction of DocuSign. The services are provided by DocuSign. 

These are currently the following packages:

"Adaptation Quick Start"

DocuSign Adoption Quick Start offers a quick start-up aid for simple application scenarios. The package includes access to DocuSign University learning paths and communication with a consultant where questions can be asked.

The scope of the consultation with a consultant is two hours.

"Adaptation Consulting"

DocuSign Adoption Consulting helps to realise the value of DocuSign more quickly and is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. This offers on-demand training, tailored content and remote live workshops with a consultant.

Included are instructions on how to start the first use case (single department, single admin). As well as an introduction to reporting and planning tools and access to the "Community of QuickStart Peers".

The scope is up to 15 hours over 90 days. 

Not included are on-site consulting, multiple use cases and customisation such as custom buttons, custom connect, API integration and SSO.

"Adaption Consulting - Technical"

DocuSign Adaption Consulting Technical helps realise the value of DocuSign faster and is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It includes tailored and personalised remote training and a dedicated technical adoption consultant. 

Included is on-demand training for the product, initial design and optimisations, 1:1 consulting on the use of the product, and an introduction to tools for reporting and scheduling.

Also included is support for custom buttons, custom API and support in identifying and prioritising use cases. 

The scope is up to 30 hours over 90 days. Not included are on-site support, API integration (custom) and multiple cross-departmental use cases.

"Customer Success Architect (CSA)"

The CSA accompanies the introduction of DocuSign in the customer project. The CSA focuses on leveraging best practices and pulls in needed resources to successfully implement the selected use cases.

The key focus areas of a CSA are:

  • Identifying, prioritising and developing use cases across the organisation.
  • Create a "roadmap to success" based on identified high-level use cases with envelope usage.
  • Determine the requirements of each use case for successful implementation
  • Support the client in the implementation of identified and prioritised use cases, including technical and administrative requirements
  • Work with client project manager(s) to identify stakeholders and form teams for site or business unit implementations 
  • Manage and resolve enhancing issues such as customisations, enhancement requests and implementation issues.
  • Measure, analyse and present Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and ROI analysis for projects and programmes.
  • Escalation point and interface with DocuSign support and executive leadership teams.